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Over the course of our history as a nation, many events have helped to shape our image on the world stage. Most of these events are well documented in our history books. Other events, although significant in helping to define Canada as a nation, remain known only to a few. This is particularly true of events which occur as a result of the conflicts of war and terrorism. 

The purpose of this section of our site is to document the memories of these events as seen through the eyes and personal experiences of our own members. It is our hope that these personal memories will help us to appreciate not only the valour, but also the horror which results from human conflict. 

Following is our initial list of Memories. With your help, we hope to add more in the months ahead. 

Bob Middlemiss 

Jim McPhee 

 Stan Bieniawski 

 A Heartfelt Thanks....from a 'Dutch-Canadian' - Joep Diening

 D-Day Observance- Juno Beach, Normandy, France - June 6, 2014

 The King of Lampadusa - Sydney Cohen 

Ottawa Shooting - A Poignant Image of the Day - October 24, 2014 

Tom Carney's Presentation: Round Africa- November 2016

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