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The History of the Veterans' Club of Barrie

How We Developed Over the Years 

The Veterans' Club of Barrie began as an idea of at least nine World War 1 veterans in the year 1937. Our records show that they were discussing with many of their comrades the proposal to form a social soldier's club for the purpose of "social comradeship". 

On January 7th, 1938 a 'confidential' letter was sent, over the signatures of the nine, to thirty four other personnel who had expressed an interest in, or who it was thought would be interested in, forming such a club. A meeting was called for 8 p.m. On January 12, 1938 in the Officer's Mess, at the Armouries. 

The results of that meeting were not recorded but it would appear that a decision was made to hold a Banquet Meeting at the Queen's Hotel on Thursday night, February 3rd, 1938. 

Forty two men were present and tickets were 75 cents. A business meeting was held, interspersed with songs, piano solo, a bugler and two minutes of silence. 

The motions passed tell a story of: make a decision, take action and you get results. The decision to form 'A Club' was carried unanimously. They struck a nomination committee, decided on the composition of the executive, then the nominations committee returned with a slate of proposed names for office; it was adopted by the members and thus the first executive of the club were ready for duty. Further, the executive was tasked with drafting the bylaws and calling the next meeting. 

However, it would appear that they forgot to adjourn the meeting. On second thought perhaps this was intentional, as until the present, the club, later to be named the Veterans' Club of Barrie, has continued to meet to share that 'comradeship' mentioned in 1938 - we don't adjourn, we just 'stand down' until the next meeting.


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