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Membership and Application for Membership


By-Law # 1 (definition for Regular Membership) 

At present, the definition of the word "Veteran" Is under review. The definition of the word "veteran" shall, for the purposes of membership in this club be a former and serving member of the Canadian Forces and Allied Forces, who have qualified for service medals during a time of war and/or in an operational area including peacekeeping; and anyone who has served in the Merchant Navy during wartime, anyone who has served a minimum of three (3) years in the Canadian Forces (Regular or Reserve) or any Allied Force. Those who have been released from the Forces must have had an honourable discharge. 

Membership Fees 

There are no annual membership fees. Upon acceptance of an application by the executive committee, a lifetime fee of thirty ($30) is required with the application. You will be advised by phone or e-mail regarding installation, which will be at the next regular meeting. 

You may contact our Membership Chairman, Greg Merrill at 705-792-5270 or e-mail at <> or contact any of our directors. 

Regular for Regular Membership Application and click Associate for the Associate Membership Application to view and print either application.


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