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VCB 80th Anniversary Dinner - 28 June 2018

New members Don Scandrett, Bob Thompson, and Rita Stephenson Law with Pres Jean Maurice Pigeon

President Jean Maurice Pigeon with new members Bob Thompson, left and Don Scandrett, right

President Jean Maurice Pigeon with new member

Rita Stephenson Law

Geraldine and John McCarthy

Vic and Carole Lefaive

Val Thompson, Norm and Wanda Marion

Georges Ferris and friend

Fred and Vicki Marentette

Mary Lou and Andy Galton 

Lorraine and Tom Carney, and Dr. Jim McPhee

Fern Taillefer, Mrs. and Bob George and Jack Stringer

Past President Greg Merrill with guest speaker Pat Pollock

Musician Mike Lewis entertained the 140 guests
at the VCB 80th Anniv dinner, 28 June 2018

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